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Re: Which vocation/career? Please help <3

Originally Posted by Luna Lovegood View Post
Hi guys,

Everytime I'm looking on my birth chart I get more confused and clueless.
For career you have to look at the 10th house mainly (I suppose?) and at the 6th and 2nd house. My MC is in Capricorn and Saturn in Taurus such as the 2nd house cusp, so very earthy but actually my chart is air dominant, which jobs would fit me?
Capricorn and Taurus need stability and routine but air wants to be flexible and creative. Which jobs do you intuitively see by looking at my chart?
I'll be happy about every input from you and sorry for my english

my birth chart:

Luna Lovegood
chart is a Night chart
the nocturnal sect is in favour
Moon is sect leader

- Venus and Mars are co-sectarians and also of the sect in favour
Mercury is a Morning Star
so Mercury is a diurnal planet in a nocturnal chart
and therefore Mercury is not of the sect in favour.

planets are happier
if they are above the horizon in a nocturnal chart
nocturnal sect leader Moon IS above horizon with nocturnal planet Mars
nocturnal sect planet Venus is below horizon
so Venus not as happy

nocturnal planets are happier
if they are above the horizon in a nocturnal chart.
This is not really a condition of sect
it does not define sect in any way.
This is only a way to further determine the strength
or mood of any particular planet.
And its only adding or subtracting mildly from the planet.
note that

diurnal sect planets pursue a contrary agenda to nocturnal sect planets
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