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Transit planets aspecting your natal Pallas - any experiences/insights?

I recently learnt of asteroid Pallas, i was surprised at the things i learnt about my own, as the things i read about it, were the same conclusions i came to about my own inclinations from completing activities from books and courses!

I'm interested to know how transit planets aspecting the natal Pallas play out exactly, what do we look for in our everyday experience to see how it's working?

On the one hand i've read Pallas relates to our intelligence, how we like to use it, in what ways... so maybe there's themes around the development of that intelligence through activities

I've also read it relates to strategy and planning, creativity used to figure things out, i'm wondering if an aspect would signify trying to manouvre and make changes in your life?

If anyone has some practical examples including info about sign and house placement, that'd be great!
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