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Re: Should i Stay or Should i go from my current job

I have short time right now, soo just a quick look.

She is really not happy at the moment with Mars and Moon conjunct SN. Place of lose of power and inability to take action. Powerlessness. She is feeling it completely. Moon squares next Venus in detriment, which might be the partner? Is he dependent on her financially? Also check out Uranus at 7th. Sudden changes, separation usually but not necessarily.

I don't know of she will find another job, it doesn't look right now. Sun, current job will change signs and there will be mutual negative reception but a trine. There is perhaps restructuring at the job and change that she will dislike... but trine suggests possibility to put on a brave face.

Early ASC too... things might change here. I wonder what that Mercury conjunct Sun is, Mer combust... someone at work doing something they shouldn't?

Is she having problems with co-workers? If co-workers Venus could be that too.... and therefore Moon squares it.

I think judging by this chart its too early to tell, but she is in bad shape, but maybe better to hang in there for a bit longer and see what that Sun sign change is all about in next few months.

Please let us know.
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