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Re: Cold as ice?

Originally Posted by Frisiangal View Post
Yes; me; Moon in Cap. in 5th and 10th house Saturn.

My dearest mum was the Sun in Cap. and Moon in Taurus (my Sun sign). She wasn't the openly affectionate type, yet she would go without to provide for , and protect her kids. There'd always be a place at table for unannounced callers (read boy/girlfriends!) and I never saw her turn away anyone collecting for a cause empty-handed. Nor did I ever hear her say a mean word about anyone.

My children and their needs have always been my priority. Kisses and cuddles have always been easily forthcoming; also with the grandchildren. In fact, it's a family joke that kisses on individual Christmas presents are counted, and woebetide if the one (grand)child has more/less than another!
I have a very good, sound and stable relationship with them all. They know I'm always there for them, physically and otherwise. Time as well as love has been invested, and has reaped its reward a hundredfold.

Maybe a well-aspected Moon is responsible. Yet it increasingly 'gets my goat' when I hear the whines and moans regarding a Capricorn influence. Maybe looking in the mirror before throwing the stone might aid in seeing alternate perspectives.
Hey seriously no the end I say what I described is a picture of Saturn OFF THE RAILS, in other words, the dark expression of the planet....there are many many many examples of Saturn's benevolent influence in the world. It is the image of the father, structure and containment and security. Those things are gold in this world, I get that!

In the same vein, Jupiter, the planet that everyone loves to love, can be extremely problematic in its negative expression. Think bloated egos, bloated bellies, waste and poor impulse control. Each planet has a positive and negative expression.

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