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Re: Will I be happy on my Venus astrocartography line?

Chrysalis, I would suggest you look at planets in your chart that are well-aspected, vs. "heavy" planets that are stressed. Trace the well-aspected planets on your map, and see where they lead. The maps are in the special charts menu in the Astrodienst free charts section.

If the basic maps aren't interactive (clickable) than try their travel maps. It's been a while since I've looked at them, but I believe you can click on a location of interest, and a little astro-analysis will pop up.

Alternatively, you could do a relocation chart for a place of interest, but it probably won't look much different from your natal chart unless you input a location a long ways away from your birth place.

You might also think about your natal charts' planets-in-signs and elements. The moon and 4th house are indicators of "home." With my moon in Leo, I love deserts, which Leo rules. A watery person would probably love to live near a large body of water. Someone with a 9th house focus might enjoy living overseas, or having a broad vista from her windows.
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