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Re: Will I be happy on my Venus astrocartography line?

If you are and have been chronically unhappy...

It is unlikely that you will find happiness waiting for you on the beach at your Venus line.

Sadly, you can't leave yourself behind. And therein lies the rub.

According to the biblical story, we were cast out of Paradise and barred from going back by a flaming sword. In other words, we are not promised a rose garden. You are barely 25 years old; you have some growing up to do.

Life remains miserable and uncooperative for as long as we refuse to see that we are living a life based on unrealistic expectations.

I suggest consideration of

Bathhurst Inlet.

Most of your lines seem to converge in that area. You are sure to find happiness there. But watch out for that hungry polar bear sneaking up behind you... Oooh. Too late. And just when you found happiness, too.

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