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Re: Will I be happy on my Venus astrocartography line?

Originally Posted by passiflora View Post
You may want to post the answers received on your other thread here, as there were a number of caring comments which you should preserve and consider.

Putting Venus on your DSC maybe relieves the feeling of having Pluto there in your current location, but as mentioned previously there are significant intrapsychic stressors which it's not clear you've addressed: Sun-Moon square and Venus-Mars square are both themes that often originate in family dynamics.

Again, without further commentary from you on specifics regarding your internal work and experiences, digging through your chart isn't very palatable.
I understand what you mean but I'm pretty sure even with those stresses in my chart, being on a Venus Line even with stressful aspects, will always be better than living on a Pluto and Uranus line mixed together. Cant get worst than this....

Originally Posted by waybread View Post
Try your Jupiter-DC line. It doesn't occupy a lot of territory in Canada, but it is well-aspected and in your 7th house of committed relationships.

If you are a Canadian-only citizen, you can normally spend time in other countries for academics or travel, but permanent residency is often much more restrictive.
I think thats the best Idea for now. Been there before and it was amazing, the Jupiter description felt so real and it is well aspected in my chart too. Having to leave there and go back was devastating. Only thing stopping me is money. I think My Jupiter DSC Line is the closest I can get to freedom from all of this and it is in Sagittarius too!
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