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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

I don't think it's the real problem.

Actually, I've been preparing for a long time. All the things I needed to start working in arts are ready since 2 months (like rahu said). But I was delaying this because I felt this confusion and lack of energy. With these transits, some illusions collapsed and I realized that i was setting aside others areas of my life. I burned a lot of bridges to protect my old goal and now that I can reach it, I don't know how to relate with others matters anymore.. Like groups, feeling of belonging to a common cause, hopes and wishes, developping new friendships.. (11th house), or pure entertainment /fun /love, personal projects we just enjoy without being too serious, etc.. (5th house things excepted art).

I think Jupiter in 2nd house placement suggests that faith, optimism, learning.. are related to feel secure. When Jupiter returned, a lot of fears about work disappeared quickly (overnight). 2nd house in Sag is more spiritual than an earth sign in this house. A goal can be seen as a possession. I need my life to have a deep meaning , in order to feel secure everyday and have faith.

So i'll do my work things. Maybe it will bring me a better Mars energy and new desires. I can't see solutions for others areas now.
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