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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post
Hi !

Since 1 or 2 months, i lack motivation, enthousiam and desires. I thought it was this Neptune - Mercury conjunction transit.. But now the conjuction is over, and the problem still here.
The more i think and analyse, the more i'm confused about who i am and what is really important for me.

If someone has an insight or idea about anything in my natal chart (or the guilty planet in transit), i will be very thankful.
, i lack motivation, enthusiasm and desires. I thought it was this Neptune -

you are correct.the south node has been transited your Neptune on april 5th. the node went into 1 degree orb on march 23 and left I degree orb on april15th. the affect of the south node on Neptune us exactly as you describe, loss of initiative, day dreaming . it can give insecurity feelings . but your situation is not quite so simple because Uranus is conjunct to Neptune and exactly square the node. so this weakness you portrait is recent in the last month. but when the transiting node was square to your natal node and conjunct to you Uranus, you feelings were reversed.on feb. 6-8 the node was square to your node and the south node as conjunct your Uranus. The orb started in late December 2018.This was a time great mental and emotional energy. Uranus shows your life was the opposite you feel now. This transit brings extreme astral/psychic energy into your mind so I could see many dreams and many new ideas and ambitious plans. But the south node can also overwhelm ones mental capacity so there is a possibility this time was chaotic. You might have exhibited behavior that surprised your peers and you couldhave acted in ways that some may have characterized you as “crazy” or eccentric in the extreme. The end of it was that either by circumstance or by lack of energy or expertise, you failed to bring your ideas to fruition
Pluto did start transiting your Neptune and became stronger into march. This is probably why you felt the dissipative energy of Neptune earlier than I would have thought. pluto adds a deeper inertia and can bring despondency also. It can bring brooding and foreboding thoughts

I think part of your mental malaise is that ,the ideas and ambitious plans you had in February have not manifested. So part of your mental inertia is a function of feeling at a lost because you did not accomplish what you planned. Potentially your ideas in feb included changing your environment or resources. And as nothing has changed that you thought would happen.. you are left unsure of what to do now .that is in feb you thought you would be in a different circumstance, but you are not.
the positive aspect is that the south node has moved off you Neptune and you will naturally regain you joy of life.

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