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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

When Mars gets afflicted by transit, that just revs it up more. When something is opposing, squaring, or conjoining your Mars, that's a time when you're likely to be motivated to do something, and when you would set new things in motion. What you describe - loss of enthusiasm and motivation - is what happens when people are disowning or ignoring their Mars. If you're doing that, Mars getting poked by a transit will probably just make you feel uncomfortable and impatient but not get anywhere. Which could turn into apathetic resignation when the transit moves on.

Your Mars is in a unique situation: unaspected, although it sits on your AC and rules your chart. Unaspected planets are strong in one way - there's nothing to modify them, so their message is very clear and pure - and weak in another: there's no conversation between them and anything else in your chart, so they may be inaccessible to you. And to complicate matters, you have four planets in domicile. When more than one planet is domiciled, they don't work well together, they all want to rule. Your Mars, or any of your other domiciled planets, might lose that battle sometimes, if you make it a battle. If each planet gets a separate job, that works out better.

The last time you had a hard angle transit to your Mars (not counting the moon, which transits the whole chart every month, and doesn't stay in any aspect long enough to cause more than fleeting feelings) was seven weeks ago, in fact. That was transiting Mars opposing your natal Mars as it crossed your DC. Perhaps you had some "I want to change something" urge at that time, but quelled it. In any case, it fits with the timeline of these feelings setting in a month or two ago.
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