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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post
I think you should create a new thread about this, because it can be interesting for a lot of people here (and me too)
New thread created. I moved those posts here.

Originally Posted by three M symbols View Post

I think what I describe in my 1st post can also involve my ascendant. Scorpio is about desires, passion, motivation and fighting spirit. Those are all the things i feel are missing me today (since 1-2 months).
Even when i was depressed or anxious, i had enough hate or anger to feel motivated and passionate about something.
Yes, that was the piece I missed (or rather, left out in an attempt to keep it simple). Ascendant is also a key consideration, as is any planet on it, and as is its ruler. Mars is both of those things for you. When you say you've lost motivation and enthusiasm, it's so clearly Mars being damped down.

It sounds like your art, which was once a challenge for you, has ceased to be a challenge and become just a routine. For someone as Mars-driven as you, routine isn't enough. The Virgo in you may want some routine, but the Scorpio/Mars in you also needs passion and challenge. No reason you couldn't have both, but if your challenge is no longer challenging, then you need a new challenge.

Maybe you could try a new form of art. Or maybe you could take your current form to another level. Do something with it no one has done before. Or maybe you could channel it in a new way: teach it, or start or join a group for people who practice it, or do something else to practice it in a new and more challenging way.

I note that your sun, Venus, and Chiron are in the eleventh house, and your Mercury - that shy retrograde twelfth house Mercury, which is apparently fueling your art - rules the eleventh. Since that house is all about groups and friends, not a solitary house, I don't think you can keep your art entirely to yourself. Maybe it started as a personal passion, and maybe personal reasons are your primary reasons for doing it, but there comes a time when it needs to get bigger than you. That's a key twelfth house message, too, in fact: that may be a very private, personal house, where we do things in secret, but it's also the house where we become bigger than ourselves, channeling the collective.
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