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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

Very useful replies, thanks again.

(for IleneK) :

I didn't really understood this aspect when i was reading my chart, until today.. ^^'
I feel better knowing this is a Saturn issue & will search some informations about it. Jupiter in Sag is my only fire placement. So his transits and retrogrades can have an important influence.

You're right Osamenor :)

I had 7 long years of depression. And other struggles with mental health. (12th house Mercury & Virgo Moons are prones to anxiousness / hypocondria and all this kind of things). Now I don't feel depressed or anxious anymore. I developed enough optimism, faith and skills to cope with it. Astrology gave me the proof that our lives are maybe not just absurds. This was my main depression cause.

I've been developing arts skills for the last 11 years, and never gave up, because i'm really stubborn and perfectionnist ^^'
Now that I have enough skills to feel confident with it, I can say i was happier when it was challenging and complicated. It was reallty exciting.
The things we lack are the things we want.. To shine (or this type of 10th house in Leo things) was what I wanted 11 years ago. It was the first origin of my art goals. But now, it seems too superficial for me. Recognition, compliment or perfect skills are not what i'm looking for. I just wanna like what i'm doing for myself, and find a meaning in my life.

I think what I describe in my 1st post can also involve my ascendant. Scorpio is about desires, passion, motivation and fighting spirit. Those are all the things i feel are missing me today (since 1-2 months).
Even when i was depressed or anxious, i had enough hate or anger to feel motivated and passionate about something.

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