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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

Originally Posted by IleneK View Post
I think transiting Saturn may be triggering your natal Sun-Saturn opposition.

Transiting Saturn has been slowing down in March and April in anticipation of changing direction, going retrograde, at exactly the degree of your natal Saturn. I think you have been feeling transiting Saturn's effect for the last few months because it has been closely in orb to aspect natal Saturn and moving also moving very slowly, so accumulating more influence.

It will be helpful for you to learn about the meaning of the natal opposition by investigating it both by the signs and the houses in which the planets reside. It may shed more light on what is going on.
Upon further reference to the ephemeris, I would also add that transiting Jupiter, strong in its dignity, is also cycling by square to the Sun-Saturn natal opposition.
Jup in Sag amplifies, and its cycle to natal Sun-Saturn began in Feb. It retrogrades to exact square at the end of May and will complete the final square in the autumn.

So both transiting Jupiter and Saturn are acting in concert as key triggers to the meaning of the Sun-Saturn signature in your natal.

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