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Re: i need to find the guilty planet

Transits don't cause our circumstances, only reflect them. I agree with IleneK that this sounds like a Saturn issue. I would also say this sounds like plain old depression (which is associated with Saturn, for good reason). That doesn't mean you have to become depressed every time Saturn jumps up and says boo, but if you're prone to it, Saturn transits are likely to bring it out in you.

Depression is the result of not letting your light shine, not doing what feeds your soul. The natal chart shows, in a general way, what would feed your soul: your sun placement tells us that, and your moon placement tells us more. In your case, since both are in the same sign, it's clear that you have Virgo needs.

Virgo needs to be in the process of developing a skill, and it has to be a kind of skill that resonates with you. Virgo develops self by developing and perfecting skill. Since you also have so much Libra in your chart, my first guess is that you need to develop an artistic kind of skill. Or maybe (keeping that Scorpio rising in mind) your big draw is something in healing arts (thinking of the probing deep, psychological angle to Scorpio).

If you're depressed, chances are you're not doing that. Was there something you were doing that made you happy, but that you gave up? Did you perhaps feel that it conflicted with your sense of duty or responsibility (that could be reflected Saturn, particularly the Saturn/sun opposition)?
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