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Re: Should Father go for Chemo?

Will take a look see by using the 4th house for your Father.

renjer I often use Lily technique using the first house as Prima Facia perogetor, one near and dear to you.

I am of the mind not to change my opinion even when using the 4th house as the Ascendant. Cardinal signs are on the Angles, the lords of these houses are moving swiftly with Venus as the ruler of the 1st house (I don't like to be blunt) and near Pluto I would take the doctor's advice. If it lengthens the life of your Father so much the better. Neptune in the 6th house will experience the sextile with Venus a good augur. I would not pass up the opportunity to have the benefits the sextile offers.

The Sun is an important revelator look to his aspects in both charts, the chart below is turned, the one above is not.

One more point: Virgo's ruler is going retrograde, returning as a health energy to re-address his influence in the overall consideration of the charts message. During his tenure he will once again come close to the planet of surgery in aspect. Weather Mercury speaks of check ups with the doctor or of health statuate's, it is better to be safe than sorry. Is your Father strong enough to experience the chemo therapy? rejer, the POF falls within your Father's 12th house, which additionally points to things of Neptune registering as beneficial.
My best wishes go out to your family, your Father.


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