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Re: Does he want marry me?

Moon and sun approaching a trine are a very positive sign, especially with sun near Part of Fortune and in good aspect with both ascendent and descendent.
Moon on the ascendent shows that he does really care for you.
Ameliaastrology already pointed out mars in your 2nd house, it rules the midheaven, and the 3rd of communications but also your siblings. Do you have any brothers who might put financial pressure on him?
Pluto on ascendent, with moon approaching a conjunction, is a good sign in that Pluto is co-significator of the 10th house.
You as Saturn are retrograde, thinking things over, but in a strong position by sign, and once you change signs you will still be strong.
However, unpredictable Uranus is sitting on the cusp of the 4th of end of matters. This is also the family. Keep on eye on how this develops.
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