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Originally Posted by ameliaastrology View Post
Although he is Moon himself and in Fall, a nice Sun-Moon Trine in a marriage chart does hold some promise. Moon is also conjunct Ascendant.

As far as intention is concerned, I think he does want to marry you. But other indicators on the chart say difficulties. At least some changes will have to take place before the marriage can happen.

Moon-Saturn conjunction will only complete after a sign change, but not exactly in orb to start with. I personally won't count this. Also, the Moon will first meet Jupiter in the First House.

Jupiter ruling House 2 and Pluto are both in conjunction with the Ascendant. Mars is on Cusp 2 ruling House 3. Have there been arguments? About money?


what are these changes which will have to take place before the marriage can happen? Is it appear in the chart? Because yes he untill now can't promise me although I feel he maybe wants me but I don't know what is going on in his mind!
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