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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Also had this thought: Aquarius south node in 5th must mean Aquarius type hobbies -5th house - does this mean I shouldnít be into astrology as itís my comfort zone. Iím going backwards instead of forwards towards north node?
Id see it more as feeling comfortable about being part of a group in your 5th house hobbies, your NN would be about needing to be able to stand out from the group and be your own person, maybe even do something solely Hobbie wise where you would be able to stand out and be seen.

Our SN is usually with us half of our lives, we need to know how we are with our SN to then be able to know how we need to move then to our NN. So the SN is like a seed that then grows into the NN.
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