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Originally Posted by Chrysalis View Post
Having your NN in 11th house Leo is about you having to learn to push yourself forward in terms of being in the spotlight within groups, pushing forward to make yourself be seen and not to be hiding within the group's shadow (SN Aquarius) you're wanting to make yourself be seen as an individual (NN Leo). I think also as Aquarius is about detached relationships with people and not forming close ties, within groups and with friends you don't make close friendships so easily, you don't feel like you are seen and valued as an individual (sun) so you just stay in the background, this in turns makes you become detached.
Thank you C 😊 I do try with friendships but I donít understand it all. Yes I do find it difficult but then if itís my Nn and Iím pushing myself there why is it so hard? Itís got to be Chiron squaring it, right?
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