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Originally Posted by aquarius7000 View Post
Thanks for the PM, HKK.

What is your specific Q re your chart? It is a bit cumbersome to read the complete chart. I can tell you right away though that you are a pretty self-righteous person
But you usually have a friendly way of putting your opinions across thanks to the Libra Asc. and Jup in the forefront. Saturn right there also makes you sensible about things.
Lol thanks. I will take the self righteous part as a compliment 😇

Love life is important to me so that would be great and anything else you could read looking at it. North node is something that fascinated me so they would be amazing as looking at the this is a bit of a contradiction being in leo 11th opposite itís house in 5th south node Aquarius. Iíve had insights to it however other insights would be helpful and great too. Thanks for coming back to me Aquarius7000 😊 very much appreciated x
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