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Re: The natal chart all interpretations welcome

Originally Posted by Hkk View Post
Thatís true I do, however I also have a part In me where I cut ppl off just like that as I get disappointed in them. Example who or what they really turn out to be like.
Okay, interesting, I assume this is from your Saturn/Jupiter square to your 3rd house venus. I expect your 3rd house venus square Jupiter would make you feel very positive and optimistic with communicating with people, and being quite social and friendly, but then with Saturn, there also squaring, it causes the disappointment where you feel inadequate as in they don't like you as you like them, so something like a balloon being blown up but then deflated?

Sorry, I'm asking so may Q's regarding this aspect, it's just I've always struggled with it as both planets are so different, as in ones jolly and positive and the other is the total opposite, so combining them together I've struggled with. You have helped me understand this aspect more so thankyou.
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