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Re: Will I be happy on my Venus astrocartography line?

Another thing I noticed was people in Montreal always and still look at me as if I just did something very bad or as if I owe them money or did something to them in the past, yet I never met them before. It's Very annoying living somewhere where you have a tight Pluto-Dsc and Uranus-Midheaven slapping you and spitting in your face without you barely having to do anything. I constantly feel alot anger, paranoia and anxiety in this region. If I need to talk to someone in charge of something, anything, whether it be a bank teller, ordering food inside, asking someone working in a mall for help, its never a straight forward easy go response I get. It's always some unnecessary extra sarcastic rude comments no matter how polite or nice I try to be. I traveled to my Jupiter descendant line (Nova Scotia) and it was literally the complete opposite! As I travel west towards my Neptune line (Southern Ontario) and a feel alot more calm, relaxed & safe. People are also alot nicer and I felt more comfortable. I realized that even though Pluto is still in the 7th house in this relocated region, having it on a angle will amplify and make things disastrous being a malefic it is. This atrocarography stuff is something else! Hats off to this system!
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