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Pluto transit square the Nodes Axis as karmic?

Hi, im pisces sun, sag moon and sag asc (sun sq both moon and asc); my nodes are in 26 aries and libra-5th and 11th houses (SN and NN, resp): as Pluto transit is squaring my nodal axis (trhough 2nd house), it seems it is doing so by activating the 2nd-8th house axis (inner values, possessions, earnings, death, alchemy, rebirth, etc.); meanwhile, Neptune is transiting conjunct my 4th house in Pisces 21 degree (i am Pisces sun, by the way); so it seems like some of the 4th house issues are being activated as well (home, final endings, dissolution, etc.). So then the question is: is Pluto transit sq nodes supposed to be karmic (in some sense or another)?

thanks, greetings
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