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Venus Trine Pluto Transit

Hello all!

I have an upcoming transit on April 1st. Just looking to get some advice on what I should be expecting. I will actually be filming my first major concert that day, and I'm 23 years old (if any of that helps).

The transit in question is Venus Trine Pluto. With Venus being in my 1st house Pisces, and Pluto being in my 11th house Capricorn.

And here are the other transits I will be experiencing this day:

Sun trine sun
sun opp jupiter
sun sextile saturn
mercury square venus
venus trine mars
mars conj sun
mars sq moon
mars sextile jupiter

jupiter trine uranus
jupiter trine neptune
saturn sextile saturn
uranus square venus
uranus square neptune
neptune square sun
pluto conj uranus
pluto conj neptune
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