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Moon conjunct Sun, Venus trine Mars DW and what else?

So I've got some strange synastry with this guy I've been seeing for about a year. For the more common aspects:

His Moon is conjunct my Sun
His Venus is trine my Mars
My Venus is trine his Mars (double whammy Venus/Mars)

Now I'm a Pisces Sun, He's a Capricorn
His Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune are conjunct my Neptune
My Venus are conjunct his Saturn....

This is just some of it. I'm looking for thoughts as there is a lot of information on soulmates and twin flames and the like. I'm not sure if this is one of those things or not, how do you recognize it?

And Iím also curious about the less common aspects because I can't find much information on them:

Chiron novile Chiron (0 degrees I do believe they are exact, although his time is unknown)
Sun quintile Sun (0 degrees, again on the time unknown thing)

Here is the info if someone wants to look it up.
Me: 3/4/1987, 9:32pm Ann Arbor, MI
Him: 12/23/1990 Time Unknown but probably early morning (like 2am) Morristown, TN

Thanks in advance!
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