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Re: List of Erroneous, Illogical and Fictitious Systems in Astrology

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It has been written and said for a very long time, that the pyramids were gifted by the ancients. Ancient, is a loosely used term. How old is ancient?

What if ancient is over a million years. the people that lived in the area would not be Egyptian. They may well be ancestors of the ancient ones. But they are not the ancient ones.
World's Oldest Stone Tools Predate Humans

The oldest handmade stone tools discovered yet
predate any known humans
and may have been wielded
by an as-yet-unknown species, researchers say

The 3.3MILLION YEAR OLD stone artifacts
are the first direct evidence
that early human ancestors
may have possessed the mental abilities needed
to figure out how to make razor-sharp stone tools.

The discovery also rewrites the book
on the kind of environmental
and evolutionary pressures
that drove the emergence of toolmaking.
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