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Originally Posted by HoldOrFold View Post
Hi, I had a session with Julian a couple of years ago and he discussed a progression to my natal Saturn and mentioned that it will affect my financial situation because I've got Capricorn in my 2nd. It's intercepted in the 2nd though and I mentioned this to him and he replied that "it has to land somewhere", implying that the planet ruling the intercepted sign will affect the house the sign it rules is intercepted in.

Moses uses a combination of 3 house systems: porphyry, equal and whole and you don't get interceptions in whole or equal so you would just refer to those in terms of interceptions.

So with that example you mention, I'd see the whole sign house of Aries being affected by the Uranus/Mars transit.
That would have been my guess,but I never confirmed it with Julian when we spoke.
Do you find that whole signs work better than other house systems? It would certainly be easier I would think, but accuracy trumps all
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