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Re: A new era for physics- The large hadron collider

Hi Neptune Rising

I was listening live to the start-up of the LHC on BBC Radio 4 and I checked my watch as the first beam of protons was fired eight minutes late at 08.38 BST (British Summer Time).

Originally Posted by BBC News website, referenced by Neptune Rising
The first - clockwise - beam completed its first circuit of the underground tunnel at just before 0930 BST.
As I said in my earlier post, the first complete circuit of the tunnel occurred at 10.28 CEDT (Central European Daylight Time) which is the time used by Gesso for his first chart from information supplied by Wiki. The birth time of the event under consideration was the firing of the first beam of protons which occurred at 09.38 CEDT, not the time at which the first circuit was completed. That's rather like suggesting that a chart should be calculated from the time a child first completes a circuit of a room rather than the moment at which it comes into being.

The event occurred at 07.38 GMT. Because of the addition of one hour for Daylight or Summertime, in Britain that event occurred at 08.38 BST. Geneva is one hour ahead of GMT and remains one hour ahead when Central Europe also adds one hour in the summer. So the event occurred in Geneva at 09.38 CEDT (08.38 BST [07.38 GMT]). I hope that clears up any confusion about time zones.
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