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Re: A new era for physics- The large hadron collider

Originally Posted by Night Sky
Galactic centre I believe is between 27-28 degrees Sag.

Thinking in terms of the analysis that I did, maybe you could think of Pluto's placement in the 3rd house as a portal of travel. + all of the 9th house stuff that is going on, long distance travel?

It's probably a launching platform for nuclear or fusion powered space ships.
oh wow..wouldnt that be crazy ...i wouldnt be suprised though...theres been ALOT of $$$$$$$ put into this.. Maybe the work done here will be somehow related to the big jupiter/uranus conjunction in a few years
Thank you for your analysis btw...

Mercury rules the 11 as well..what do you suppose that the 11th house means here? And what does it mean to have the sun (ruler of the MC)opposing uranus there?
Is it possible that the sun or MC is the "public opinion"? Because there have been alot of people very worried about this, and even trying legally to stop it from happening
Maybe that moon rulership of the 9th interception you mentioned is someting else pointing toward that higher knowledge being a little bit 'trapped' ...people not allowed to know some or all of it...

Good call on the military...although mars is weak there right? In libra? I dont know alot about dignities etc
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