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Re: A new era for physics- The large hadron collider

First impression:

Ascendant ruler/Chart ruler is Venus placed in the 12th house.

12 house is secret house.

Hardigon is dedicated to discovering the secrets of the universe... but will the public be allowed to know??? Maybe they stay in the 12th house away from prying eyes.

Moon applies in a sextile to Uranus in Pisces... She is not void... there WILL be scientific discoveries. Uranus in the 5th house of CREATION?

Neptune in 4th (underground) is nicely aspected by Venus.

Jupiter however rules the third house of scientific empricial knowledge, and is placed in the third strongly aspected. New knowledge, but at a price, because is detriment and squared. Trine Saturn though: It will work.

Sun is MC ruler opposite IC ruler Uranus.Then we got Moon intercepted ruler of the 9th of HIGHER KNOWLEDGE, this is the house of true discovery I think. And Moon makes a close wedge to these two planets from the 3rd... Knowledge will definitely come out of this.

12 HOUSE though means that whatever comes from it may actually not be revealed to us as interested onlookers. Mars involvement leads me to believe there is military interest in it, Mars is ruler of 6th house of the military. But again the 9th ruler Mercury is there too.

What will they find out though??

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