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Re: What I Have Learned About Relocational Astrology

He said that when I go for my visit in Sept, he was ok with the idea if I decided to stay... He was not against it. The recommended move date: November 02, 2017. Looking for property: Sept 21, 2017, Sept 26, Oct 01, Oct 05... all in the afternoon. As for the transit... he just said I was having some lucky ones at that time... I guess I should have asked, but I really didn't think to. Any idea what the lucky transit is? I don't know which chart I should look at... they both appear promising for travel and transactions...

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Fantastic glad to hear it, Julian can take time to return calls sometimes because he's often quite busy, but he usually always does.

Out of curiosity, what dates did he give you in the end? Would be interesting to see what transits he went for.

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