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Re: What I Have Learned About Relocational Astrology

Originally Posted by hutch View Post
Aren't astrocartography planet lines more influential than the chart or both act in synergy? I sure don't want to leave Urope as everyone says my chart is terrible but my childhood was perfectly normal?!
The lines show conjunctions to angles which are strong effects, albeit only a small part of the whole picture. You're a testament for this as you have mentioned previously your negative experiences under what would normally be considered positive lines.

Your chart isn't terrible. I don't think any chart is terrible actually, but I think you're manifesting the lower end of the placements.

Originally Posted by hutch View Post
Also can our experience be different for a place based on other factors like past lives, or DNA (the call of blood) etc? I swear, Bratislava and Vienna are about 25-30 miles apart and my charts are very similar, same positions and yet in one I just felt nothing when I visited it for the first time, yet I felt calm, serene and feelings of being back home in Vienna. Bot are affected by my Moon line.
Yes, this was particularly interesting. Apart from the tightening of the in-conjunctions to the ascendant the only difference seemed to be aspects to the vertex, but I'm not sure how much of an effect the latter has. Something else to study is the transits you had during the time you lived in the various locations, that can change things like night-and-day.

Another interesting possibility is synastry between your chart and the country's chart. This isn't something Julian Lee uses and it introduces another layer of complexity which is quite tedious, but it might be worth looking at to see if it has an effect.
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