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Re: What I Have Learned About Relocational Astrology

Thanks for that HoldOrFold! It's interesting what mere relocation can do for you, and in some ways it even feels liberating to know that I can change and maybe even evolve my personality like that. However, I'd like to think that no chart that we've ever lived completely leaves us, even if we permanently leave that place for another one far away, because it's still a part of our identity, and it did, after all, spend years helping to create and develop our personality, which, accordingly, affects the way we react to our environment going forth.

Originally Posted by HoldOrFold View Post
I, myself, can certainly attest to the function of the relocated chart in my personal life as well. In addition to Venus and Sun in the 4th, my relocated 2nd house is ruled by Jupiter with Jupiter also in the 2nd house. Jupiter has a very tight sextile with my Moon which is conjunct the relocated I.C. Here, I have been very fortunate with property, I actually inherited a property when transiting North Node conjunct my Jupiter and sextiled Moon+I.C.. My Moon rules the relocated 8th (inheritence) as well. I have since been able to rent it out and have made considerably income on the side. None of this is explained by the natal chart, where Jupiter is in the 5th ruling 5th and Moon in the 7th ruling 12th.
That's really interesting! And that does make a lot of sense!

In my birth chart, my Sun's in the 11th house, and I've never resonated with the descriptions of Sun in that house, even before I started reading up on relocated astrology (so it's not like it was confirmation bias thing or anything, I just genuinely couldn't resonate). However, in my relocated chart, Sun was moved to the 8th house (and rules my 8th house too, I'm a Leo), and I find that the Sun in 8th house descriptions kind of apply to me more. Maybe not completely, but there's some semblance. For instance, it may explain why I'm so into trying to figure out what comes after death, and I've also discussed with friends a potential way to try and prove the existence of reincarnation once and for all because I'm so addicted to that topic. I also do generally have a forgiving nature, but if someone wrongs me and never tries to make up for it or apologise, then I tend to hold on to the grudge for a very long time and I never forget. Also, I find that I grieve the end of relationships too intensely and for too long for someone with their Sun in 11th, which is a relatively detached and impersonal house. I get too attached and I can't just up and leave a relationship like that. I have to give it my all over and over before I can say "Ok I'm really done here, goodbye". I can really dwell on things and find it hard to let go. Additionally, in my relocated chart, I have Uranus, Neptune and Mars in the 12th house, with Mars conjunct my ASC. Talk about water heavy hey?? I'm still trying to figure out what they do there. In my birth chart, my 8th and 12th houses are empty, but my 4th house is occupied.

Another thing that I noticed in my relo chart is Saturn in 11th. It would explain why oftentimes I was a recluse and would turn down offers to go to parties. I really didn't like meeting new people (and still don't). I was also rather unpopular throughout primary school and a bit of high school and would get shunned. I had also noticed that, during my childhood/teen years, on more than one occasion, I could make friends with someone and we'd become extremely close fast and be real buddy buddy. Then suddenly they'd go cold on me, leaving me to scratch my head and go "wtf??" And I know I didn't do anything wrong or say anything to offend them. They just suddenly no longer liked me. Maybe Saturn in 11th house could explain that. Also, Pluto is in the 11th house AND rules my 11th house too. I sometimes felt a bit like a loner. In my birth chart, Pluto is in my 2nd house and Saturn is in my 3rd.

Curiously enough, in my new location, the Sun and Mercury have been moved to my 12th house, and I have started trying to meditate and connect to the astral plane. Hmmm.... I've never done this before I came here. Also, I met two people here who are very into spirituality and want to help me connect to the spiritual plane.

My new ascendant is now Leo, but I still feel more like a Capricorn ascendant, so I don't think my old relocation chart has worn off on me, and why should it? I've spent 28 years living that chart. However, it would be interesting to see if I start becoming more of a Leo ascendant over time.

Originally Posted by HoldOrFold View Post
In my opinion, the personality is primarily governed by the planets in the signs+aspects and then channeled and emphasised/de-emphasised by the angles/houses/rulerships. So some areas can really bring elements out of your personality as well as introducing additional elements.

Julian Lee has observed that people's personalities do change in different locations, here's a quote from his Q&A material:
Yeah I was reading Julian Lee's interviews (I got it from one of the other threads that you responded to) and he has a very interesting way of explaining things. And just like with Julian, it's also never made sense to me the concept of reading your relocation chart in conjunction with your natal and the whole "secondary" chart idea. If you experienced things due to transits occurring in your relocated chart, those experiences are not phantom secondary experiences, they're just as solid and real as they would have been even if it happened in your natal. My moving to the other side of the world wasn't a phantom experience.... IT HAPPENED.

EDIT: Actually, years ago, I was talking to one guy who tried to guess my sign, and he thought that I was a Scorpio. Back then I obviously thought he couldn't be further from the truth as I'm a Leo (this was way before I started studying charts or anything), but maybe he wasn't so wrong after all....

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