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Re: What I Have Learned About Relocational Astrology

That was very interesting, Chiamaria, thanks for sharing! I was recently talking to someone who also had Pluto transiting their relocated Ascendant and they were also undergoing some very profound changes themselves.

I, myself, can certainly attest to the function of the relocated chart in my personal life as well. In addition to Venus and Sun in the 4th, my relocated 2nd house is ruled by Jupiter with Jupiter also in the 2nd house. Jupiter has a very tight sextile with my Moon which is conjunct the relocated I.C. Here, I have been very fortunate with property, I actually inherited a property when transiting North Node conjunct my Jupiter and sextiled Moon+I.C.. My Moon rules the relocated 8th (inheritence) as well. I have since been able to rent it out and have made considerably income on the side. None of this is explained by the natal chart, where Jupiter is in the 5th ruling 5th and Moon in the 7th ruling 12th.

Originally Posted by chiamaria View Post
I do wonder, though, if you have your Sun in, say, 2nd house in your natal chart, but then you permanently move to another place that would put your Sun in the 5th house, would you then be considered to have the personality of a Sun in 5th house person? Or would you still have the personality of a Sun in 2nd house, but just be sensitive to transits that happen to your Sun in the 5th house in your relocated chart? This part I'm still grappling with.
In my opinion, the personality is primarily governed by the planets in the signs+aspects and then channeled and emphasised/de-emphasised by the angles/houses/rulerships. So some areas can really bring elements out of your personality as well as introducing additional elements.

Julian Lee has observed that people's personalities do change in different locations, here's a quote from his Q&A material:

Originally Posted by Julian Lee;
My astrological observation has convinced me the individual ego is a malleable, changing thing. It appears to reconstruct itself in different locations upon acquiring a new locational rising sign.

Relocated natal charts reveal the ego to be like an inert object, subject to laws of space/time. Change the time, the ego alters itself; becomes different. Change the space, same thing. In different locations, with changes of Rising Sign, the interests and goals of an individual do change. Additionally, his personality traits change to match the new rising sign.

Originally Posted by chiamaria View Post
Also, does it matter what age you move? For instance, would a relocation chart have a stronger effect if you moved when you were a baby and lived in your relocated place for 30 years than if you moved when you were 50 and stayed in your relocated place for 30 years?
It seems the chart is active instantly in a particular location, in terms of your perceptions of the location, events and to a large extent, how people react to you as well. There are several reports of people having only short visits to certain areas, where say Pluto and Saturn are particularly active, and having very poor experiences with both their perception of the location, how people react to them and also events that occur during their stay.

It seems the internal personality change occurs more slowly over a longer period of time. Also, perhaps more meaningful and life changing events would require a longer stay in the location.
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