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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

I agree with the general concensus of 'don't sit in judgement of the client, read the chart' As has been said charts are all about possibilities.

  1. point out the good points first ,get them onside
  2. keep astro language simple so they can understand
  3. use analogies to explain things as in what planetory energies mean (something I'm really good at LOL)
  4. Take your time, have patience, you're not running a marathon
  5. Show enthusiasm, it's infectious
  1. talk people do death and remember to listen to client so you get feedback
  2. Don't be too specific (use guidlines instead) when talking over predictive matters, remember lots of transits can have lots of different meanings.
  3. Rahu
    Astrology doesn't help you directly and doesn't create opportunities for you. You'll have to create your own opportunities.
  4. Don't live your life according to what the stars/astrology says cos you will miss the most important "the journey itself, the people you meet"
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