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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

This is a pretty good list, so far.

Here's another "don't" that just came to mind: Don't use astrology to preach your own characteristic way of thinking/behaving.

In a similar vein, the experiences of all individuals are different. Don't assume that your own experience may seamlessly translate to others' experience, to explain what they've been through or to "justify" why they act in a certain manner. Don't use superficial examples to demonstrate commonality when none may exist.

Mine is simple , and learned from experience:

*Don't judge the client: Judge only the chart*,

and by *judge* I mean, * interpret.*
This is excellent advice.

Always check out the ruler of the 12th house cusp and note what is going on with that-often that is what the client will also try to *hide* from the astrologer.
In your experience, does this apply for horary charts, natal charts, or both?

Arian Maverick

P.S. It appears that this thread originated from another thread. Can someone please post a link to it? I admit I'm curious to learn how this discussion began...
I am inactive on the forums, for the time being.

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