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Re: Top 10 Don'ts in Astrology

When reading a comment, never take it personally, such as "you're only saying that Radu because I do it"
Excellent point! To add onto it, remember that the sign being talked about, which might be your Sun or Asc, 'signs' every chart. Also, often it is the sign that is being discussed not an individual with his 'element X' in it. We should remember that before we become hyper-sensitive and go onto the defensive ever time we read about a sign's naughtiness.

Also, to everything there are two sides: good and bad (Aquarius might be detached, but is also friendly and the least 'I'-ish). Don't be afraid of reading about the bad. If you are already uplifting the good in your case, why then feel being spoken to or about. The world talks about the eccentricity (just as of the genius) of Aquarius, and I read it with great interest (eccentric, isn't it). See also my current sign-ature line by Robert Naughton. He says it better than I do.

Remember also another very important thing: 'Stars impel, they do not compel.' Even in the most difficult of times, there is that free-will to fall back on, if you 'choose' to do so. Another thing, there are many ways that a configuration can manifest itself in, so, don't take things so literally. Saturn in the 5th house does not have to mean you will have no children. It can mean that you will be a tough parent, or that you are too serious to flirt around.

One more fact I just have to mention before waltzing off this thread is that talking about the Sun's sign does not automatically mean that nothing else exists in the chart or should not be taken into account. Absolutely needless to say that the chart as a whole needs to be considered, yet this does not mitigate the importance of the Sun (the core identity and the ego, the centre and of life; all such as the mind, the passions come later), or talking about the Sun sign. Don't we single out planets and houses and talk about them, so why not just freely be able to discuss a sign. It's (usually) not the individual being discussed, it's the sign present in everyone's chart (the rest is usually our own ego and interpretation of what's being said).

We write our destiny through our own karma. That is the free will you have.
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