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Re: Why doesn't a change happen in?

Originally Posted by Amit89 View Post
For cricket when an angle it is at its last degree or changes sign or a bad planet conjuct a wicket is always taken.

Same as with soccer a goal is likely to be scored.

Also lot of changes happen in horse racing.

However it seems with horse racing it is very very inconsistent, for other sports changes happen consistently however not for horse racing?

Maybe a change does happen but I'm not seeing it? It seems a favourite wins consistently even when the angles changed which should yield a long odd winner and that's the only time it does yet inconsistent.

Is there some important calculation to be made? Maybe the moon could show the flow of events or the ascendant?
I met the greatest number of goals when there is a change in the ASС on the sign of Scorpio. This is a special set of astrological indicators when any event occurs. Other signs as for me do not have such a result.
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