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Red face Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

In my astrological wheel: Aquarius is my sun sign (1st house of Aries) but the conjunct moon is in my 1st, my ascendant is in Cancer (6th house of Virgo), my ruler planet Uranus is in Scorpio (10th house of Capricorn), my traditional ruler planet Saturn is in Virgo (8th house of Scorpio) conjunct my Mars and Jupiter, and the ideal sextile Sagittarius is in the 11th house under the influence of Aquarius, where my Neptune is in. Important to know Cancer is the ruler of the moon...being in my first house, which represents ones' individuality and ego.
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!
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