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Re: shocking and unrealistic!

Originally Posted by Heavensmystery View Post

we have been looking for houses to relocate!
My husband has found a house today and called the landlord (an industrialist) to check if it's available and the house is occupied and the tenants would move only by jan. the landlord asked if we can wait and my husband explained him our situation. he said he will check if they can move a bit early and they both continued the conversation he has asked if we have any idea of purchasing a house instead, my husband said yes, we do but we will need move in there and need some months to get settled and get then it may take some months. all of a sudden he asked if he can buy the house for us and would rent us in and we can take it when time comes...

this is quite shocking and seem unrealistic to me.

I want to know if this man and his approach is genuine?
I would advise you to look at every detail. The map shows no positive things.
You and your husband Moon.
the house you saw Hermes
and the seller or the agency Saturn.
And only Hermes who goes back and wandering around in the sun advises no, don't make any purchases and deals.
There are things that do not look and work underground and of course the house is not what is presented.
Also important because Hermes is the natural signifier of agreements, communication, signatures of applications, etc. For all of the above it is a good idea not to go into any kind of agreement.
In addition the Moon (you and your spouse) in Aries is in the fall of Saturn (seller, or mediator), and Saturn in the weakness of the Moon goes the two who are in weakness and the fall in each other, will meet with a square . Saturn is powerful here.
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