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Post Re: How Aquarians relate to other zodiac signs

Should Aquarians run for politics? There has been a high number of presidents who were Aquarius (and Scorpio): the most famous ones were Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln. In sidereal (tropical Pisces), our founding father George Washington. And finally, J.E. Bush is a potential president in the future, while another sidereal Aquarius, Chelsea Clinton may be one too. Aquarians care about humanity, community, and society in general.

But, I'm a double Aquarian and there's a politician I believe is the worst kind or the least qualified who has quit politics: Sarah Palin ( Feb 11, 1964). She's what I call a "Hockey Mom/Church Lady" who's too perky and whatever she says comes out of her mouth doesn't sound intelligent at all. Her background was sports reporting on an Anchorage TV newscast, but she was elected mayor of her hometown Wasilla in Alaska in the 1990s and from there, she was elected the first woman governor of Alaska in the new millennia. Her public image is one of a mother, a hunter and an ice hockey fan (not sure she played athletically).

And mind you she may ran for Vice President with John McCain in 2008, she later resigned from governor seat in Alaska and said she's done with politics, then she became independent because the Republican party found her too hard to work with, and then she shockingly rejected the Democratic party due to her theories they promote eugenics and selective abortion of babies tested positive to be born with Down's syndrome, she is a mother of one, Trig, born in 2007 while she was governor. Maybe a double Aquarian shouldn't participate nor have a career in politics, because they may be "too radical" or not professional?
or , I have the same ruling planets: Uranus and Saturn. I see the Cancer rising. Aries in the MC and Venus was her name!

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