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Re: Transit Jupiter trine to natal venus, moon and mars, but no luck in love, only? W

scorpio-mars 11th inimical for cap asc,
stress-delays in income-gains-friendships;

inimical mars with venus over leo 7th,
relationship by mere attractions and gains,
and gains through business partners, under stress-delays;
aptitude for arts-finance-electronics/mechatronics;
heart-stomach-abdominal-kidney inflammations;

moon lord 7th over 11th, gains through
marriage-spouse-business partners-motherly women-teaching-govt;
jup now transit moon-sag 11th for gains through advisory roles;
and through elders, teachers-gurus-consultants etc;

venus lord 5th over 7th, spouse of choice;
venus lord 10th over 7th, supportive but dominating spouse;

sat-ketu separative SNode transit debilated jup cap asc,
pain-injury-surgery head-knees-liver etc;
jup significator for father-husband, detachments;
prayers to Christ, offer red flowers tues mronings;

Natal Sat-ketu aries 3rd, hyper-impulsive, social service, mechanics-drilling/cutting;
detachment from siblings; pain-injury-surgery arms-shoulders-ears-head;

sat-rahu NNode opp, rise-fall in life,
prayers for ancestors, observe fast no-moon evenings;
observe death anniversaries religiously;
serve-donate at old age homes and old people in family-society;
wear brown hessonite over pendant;
rahu 9th libra, foreign travels-pilgrimage;

Lords 1/7 sat-moon over friendly aries-sag in trine promoting relationship;

moon sag compatible with moons sag, aries, leo;

hope jup transit moon trine mars-venus helps coming months;
natal jup elevated aspect cancer 7th supportive;
wear yellow sapphire for jup over pendant touching heart;
prayers to saint of faith, offer yellow flowers sat evenings;

do promptly ack and share how true-insightful,

wishing well, kshantaram
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