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Originally Posted by Osamenor View Post
Does anyone know of a site that lists astrological symbols in unicode?

I want to add a guide to astrological glyphs to my website, which is on the Squarespace platform. According to Squarespace's instructions, special characters can be copy/pasted in using unicode, but the character has to be in unicode to begin with. Apparently, it doesn't work to just type in the code via keyboard.

I've searched online and found several sites offering unicode symbols, but none of them include astrological glyphs. I'm looking for all of the sign and planet glyphs in unicode. It would be helpful to have things like node and asteroid glyphs, too, and better still, the alternative glyphs where they exist: since there's more than one glyph used for Pluto and more than one used for Uranus, I would like to show them all.
Have you tried the codes from this page?
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