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Re: The 2 strongest, most powerful signs, and their decans

Originally Posted by jac View Post
Sure I edited.
This was an effort to approach you with civility and engage you, instead of provoking a reaction as I've seen in other posts of yours.

Many of us have been willing to share experiences and knowledge with you, but your perpetual axe to grind with all things Aquarian has soured us.

Now you contradict yourself again by acknowledging that sun signs are not everything, but that is only after making yet another unqualified, inaccurate, unverifiable slam on a sign you hate.

My mistake for giving you the benefit of the doubt.

How very boring.
I have absolutely no axe to grind with Aquarius. You're not actually being civil, just attempting to cover up sensitivity to perceived judgments against your sun sign which, you should know, haven't actually transpired. You're completely misunderstanding anything I've written and you're also calling upon an 'us' that does not exist. It's just you and anyone else who replies to me. Yet no one else has. Do others a favor and don't rope them into your selfsatisfying fantasy

How exactly are you being civil? You edited your comment to something that was very personal and now again you're making it personal

Keep in mind, you think I have an axe to grind with Aquarius here because I'm denying that two signs are more powerful than the others. Unless you're just joking with all of this in which case I apologize for not catching on
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