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Re: My first horary question

Nantina, welcome to the forum.

In horary, it is always helpful to be specific. If you ask, "Will I be in a relationship with a guy?" we're probably looking at either a particular guy, or else with a time-frame. You mean "soon," right? Not 20 years from now.

With Sagittarius rising and Jupiter domiciled and angular in the first house, you look like a strong candidate for a relationship. Some man would be lucky to have you. Jupiter is retrograde (meaning the planet's motion in the sky appears to turn backwards.) This makes me wonder if you are still thinking about your former relationship.

Jupiter's next aspect is an opposition to the sun, which is a potential indicator of the man in question in a woman's chart. The opposition, however, is considered to be a stressful aspect. So while I think you will meet someone soon, you may find the relationship is not suitable for a long-term relationship.

However, there are still more fish in the sea, and if the first man you meet isn't ideal for you, it's OK to wait for several months (or until your dating circumstances have changed) and then ask again.
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