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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

Alimal, the19thlaw has been on multiple other threads, often with the same type of OP. This is not his-- or our-- first exchange.

You can read about Robert Greene's "48 laws of power" here:

Nobody is arguing that sun signs are unimportant. Merely that if they are the total of one's astrological focus, they are woefully incomplete. Astrology is a complex subject and we do astrology-- as well as anyone whom we try to suss out astrologically-- a big disservice by taking a simplistic approach to astrology.

My desktop reference on planet, sign, and house rulerships is Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book. Highly recommended. He gives one standard ruler for anger: Mars. And this is widespread. Mars (Ares) was the Roman god of war. His character was warlike.

Taurus is a traditional feminine sign, along with the other earth signs. Taurus is ruled by Venus, not Mars. Venus also rules affection, romantic love, and peace.

It's OK to invent your own astrology, or follow another astrologer who takes a more individualistic view. However, my approach is more conservative. Not sure what you are thinking of in your final paragraph: possibly Rudhyar or Rupterti on planetary cycles?

Insights into someone's motives are not the same as a personal attack. There are no personal attacks in my posts to the19thlaw, only straight talk.

I recognize that "straight talk" to one person can seem too intrusive to someone else. Astrology tells us as much.
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