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Re: Understanding Leos and Leo energy.

Originally Posted by ElenaJ View Post
As Waybread wrote, where in the world are you picking up these ideas?
Leo tends to be basically outgoing, it is also the performer, they always feel like they are on stage. They are generous, good fun. They can be offended and blow up, but it blows over quickly.
Taking over the scene and being the centre of their own world and the attention of others may not please everyone, but they are always fun to be with.
All of this, combined with what Waybread wrote, makes for a more accurate picture than the one you painted.
Disagree, it makes no sense, I believe with all fixed signs if it gets to a point of anger it is not something to blow over quickly. You have a sign that is ruled by PRIDE, have you ever stepped on the toes of a truly prideful person or a very prideful group of people?

Do that and tell me how it goes. Let's let the real astrologers here give their input, your post is more in line with the nonsense found on Buzzfeed.
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