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All things Pluto

Iím having some difficulty understand the role Pluto has in my natal chart. Pluto is aspected by my Sun (2į opposition), moon (7į conjunction), ascendant (0į45 conjunction), inconjunct Mercury and sextile both Uranus and Neptune.
Despite the intense Pluto placements, my actual planets are in light signs. Sun in Gemini, moon & rising in sag. Mercury in Taurus, mars in Virgo and Venus in Gemini. None of my inner or outer planets are in water signs. Considering this, how would such plutonic placements play out? Will I have strong scorpionic traits despite having no water in my chart? Is it possible I come off too intense to people and Iím unaware because of my gem & sag energies?

I have a hard time being vulnerable enough with men to express the dark plutonic vibes. I have always longed for a sexually intense relationship (Iím 21) but have historically only let my guard down for mercurial and Saturnian types for some reason (Saturn aspect moon and in 4th house). I suspect my sun & Venus in 7th house would like to sexually submit but my Pluto rising hates to let men who have a dominating presence into my life.
Ps my 8th house is in cancer if thatís of any relevance.
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