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Re: should i study Chinese astrology

You would be hard pressed to find much good Chinese astrology online, or even in English books anywhere.

Most of the Chinese astrologers I've come across who do teach charge an arm and a leg to learn anything significant, compared to any modern, traditional or jyotish astrologer.

And it, like all other kinds of astrology has various "schools" which each approach it somewhat differently.

Personally I would opt for the Chinese astrology if it looked any good due to that. But traditional astrology would probably be more accessible.

There's no particular pros and cons I can think of for either compared to the other, except the above and the issues with language. The language used in Chinese astrology (and the culture behind it) is quite different to that used in western astrology or in jyotish - who I would say match more closely than not. It takes longer to wrap your head around (unless you happen to spring from that culture and language I imagine).

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