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Re: Forum natal chart

I seem to have an interesting synastry with this forum...

My Sun opposes its' Mars (orb 330') makes a 135 to its' Venus (orb 046'), trines its' Sun (out of sign, orb 519') and Mercury (orb 314') Uranus (orb 231') conjunction, squares its' Mc (orb 215') and trines its' Eros (orb 051')

My Moon quincunxes this forums' Sun (orb 012' ), and Mercury (out of sign, orb 153'), opposes Pan (asteroid 4450, orb 038'), conjuncts Mc (orb 252', out of sign), squares its' Pluto (orb 432'), trines its' Cheiron (orb 059'), and makes a 135 to its' Neptune (orb 152')

Some other stuff that flashes me
The Moon of this forum conjunct my Cheiron and falls in my 10th
Uranus of this forum sits on my DC
Eros of this forum is conjunct my Pluto, while the Pluto of this forum is exactly opposed to my Eros (both in the same degree)
The Vertex/ Black Moon Lilith/ Saturn conjunction of this forum sits on my Mercury, the ruler of my Rising...
The Venus/ Neptune conjunction of this forum sits on my Jupiter/ Vertex conjunction...

Interesting, very interesting...
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